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It STartS aT an EaRLy Age

Infatile CockblockingCockblocking is genetically programmed into our bodies from the days of the cavemen.  In those times it did not matter what women you were interested in, because whoever had the club to hit her over the head, was dragging her back to the cave. (at least that is what it says in ancient caveman literature… except BC, because that comic is too churchy..)

This was known as “cokblawkeng” which is Latin for “Denying Entry”.  Thus named because some caveman was denying entry of your penis into that cavegirl’s vagina.

As the years went on, someone made it more English sounding and the word cockblocking was born.  Nobody likes to be cockblocked… but now this site will help you get revenge on those douchebags with the popped collars who fistpump their way in between you and a potential lay.  Now you can post your stories, pictures of the douches themselves… and even quotes that come out of their Neanderthalish mouths.

Together we can put an end to cockblocking everywhere….


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